Our Strategies

Practice Environmentally Friendly Aquaculture:

Rio Fish ensures that aquaculture practices do not disrupt the natural ecosystem of Lake Victoria. Feed to the encaged fish is monitored according to environmental standards to ensure water quality in protecting the environment.

Protect Marine Resources:

Rio Fish has advocated to protect the environment around Lake Victoria through building strong relationships with local government. Rio Fish’s negotiations with local government agencies led to the banning of car washing businesses around Lake Victoria to stop the drainage of waste into the lake. Rio Fish is currently negotiating with government agencies to reduce flows of industrial waste into Lake Victoria.

Strengthen Market Systems for Employment Generation:

Aquaculture is an economic and employment generation strategy of the Lake Region Economic Bloc comprised of the five Kenyan counties around Lake Victoria. Rio Fish works to build and strengthen aquaculture market systems and connects fish farmers with consumers through the mobile RioFish app.